auditorium PLANNING

Auditoriums are complex spaces with highly specialized technology.  We serve your architect as a specialty consultant to provide consulting on room shaping, seating layout, sightlines, stage design and backstage planning. By adding our unified team of interdisciplinary consultants in theatre design, lighting, rigging, acoustics, audio and video, we bring an intensely coordinated approach resulting in successful, effective spaces.  

How do you make a 4,000 seat church feel intimate?

Despite its high seat count, the worship center at Gateway Church in Southlake occupies a tight footprint to maximize the site and to preserve the intimacy of the worship experience. To control costs, a simple rectangle shape was chosen for the auditorium. We worked with the client and Beck Architecture to design the terraced seating, balconies and angled walls to create a bowl within the box which not only maximizes sightlines to screens and stage but also allows people to see the others around them worshipping. The thrust stage facilitates connection between the worship team and pastor by bringing them as close to the congregation as possible without experiencing the gap of an excessively high stage or steps that separate them from the first row.


How could an existing flat floor worship center become a better experience?

Cathedral of Praise requested assistance with their in-house renovation of the existing worship center in order to reconfigure the stage and technologies, maximize seating, and transform the interior look from the current traditional to a more edgy, contemporary feel. ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS provided a concept that could be executed with volunteer staff. The recommendations were implemented in phases over several months (stage, ceiling, sidewalls, seating) and the result was a room that better supported communication, connection and high-energy worship