How well does your venue support performance? We provide consulting and design for your curtaining, tension wire grid, counterweight systems, motorized battens, pit lifts and catwalks to create spaces that support the connection between the audience, performer and technical teams.

Could we use a base design, but make it modular?

The power of video projection is that it allows you to change your stage in seconds, but sometimes it needs to be more dimensional than that. ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS develops approaches to modular staging that can be adapted and flexible. This might be a base look that can be configured in different ways simply by assembling the wagons in a different order, breaking them apart, or eliminating some entirely.


Can staging hide a performance space when not in use?

The children’s ministry at the First United Methodist Church of Mansfield wanted to convert a gymnasium so that on Sunday mornings it could be used as a children’s worship space while maintaining use for athletics during the week. We worked with the client to develop a set of parameters that the space needed to meet, then began developing the themed scenic elements around them. What was designed was an operable wall system that could be employed to create several distinct spaces and contain the children in a defined space for productions. The walls when closed acted as security barriers for the platform and equipment when the gym was in use.  A dual screen rear projection system was integrated into the design as well as portable stage elements that could be used to extend the platform when desired.