Video dESIGN

Is the visual element powerful in your space? We provide consulting and design for both visual communication and creating environments. This includes projection systems, large screen video displays, LED, MATV/IPTV, production and camera systems, video processing equipment, distance learning and video conferencing systems so that people connect visually with the environment and with each other.

How would you handle video projection in a concert hall with no flat surfaces?

Architect, Frank Gehry is legendary for the curved surfaces and non-standard construction methodologies that characterize his work.  ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS teamed with Gehry Partners on the New World Center in Miami.  As you might imagine, there is an art to designing video projection in a Gehry building.  None of the video projection screens are linear.  Consider what happens if you aim a video projector at a column or other curved surface.  The image distorts. We engineered a solution using digital image correction through seven multichannel video servers that serve the five main projection surfaces.

Each projector's position was designed in 3-D to coordinate with building geometry so the image fits perfectly onto the screen and each projector is isolated acoustically to maintain the hall's low noise rating.


What does 'cutting edge' look like in major league sports?

ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS worked with Minute Maid Park. The new board—dubbed El Grande—is the among the largest video boards in the Major Leagues to feature a 1080i display format. The scoreboard is 54 feet high and 124 feet wide. As part of the $13 million in upgrades, a new secondary LED HD video board -- dubbed El Nino -- was installed in left field. Both boards are made by Daktronics. The ribbon boards are above the Club Level, running from foul pole to foul pole and the outfield mezzanine area.


How can projection be used to create an immersive experience?

Environmental projection is simply the term used to describe using projectors to cast and blend digital imagery onto an already existing environment. Other terms used are scenic projection or architectural projection and it can go beyond the boundaries set by screens. Environmental projection serves as a tool to create a desired experience. When used correctly is can transform a space visually. One can become immersed in a creative environment with imagery, color, mood and emotion. From a technical standpoint, the architecture becomes the canvas and the projected images become the pallet to create. Projector selection will depend on many variables such as room size, brightness, backdrop, surface area, image size and content.

How do you ensure the video production layouts are efficient and ergonomic for the production crews?

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When we first began working with the San Francisco Giants, the comment was made that the previous video control room made it feel like you were playing "Twister" on game day. ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS used 3-D visualizations during the design process to test the sightlines and control positions for the operators within the room. The flythrough was used to communicate the design concepts to the production teams so that they would have an understanding of how the newly renovated room would function, look and feel on opening day.