In the US, over 70% of ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS' consulting team is LEED AP, and in the UK we are experienced in BREEAM projects. We offer:

  • LEED acoustics consulting for healthcare and education projects
  • Video conferencing solutions
  • Energy-efficient lighting design
  • Obsolescence plans for aging equipment

Because we believe in "being before doing" we began our green thrust within our own walls. Over the past seven years, we have implemented a recycling program, decreased paper usage by 75% and have obtained LEED Certification for our Dallas offices.

We provide LEED consulting for acoustics, energy-efficient lighting design and design of connection technologies that keep you off airplanes.

For most of our clients, the 'triple bottom line' has to do with staff, community and saving money. This can happen in as formal a process as pursuing LEED certification, as informal as leveraging technology to create virtual face-to-face communication or as complex as determining how to dispose of a large screen video displays. In many ways, our industry came late to the sustainability discussion. We've worked hard to catch up, and now our focus is on innovation.