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CenturyLink Center

Omaha, NE, USA

CenturyLink Center Project Photo

CenturyLink Center Omaha is the first venue outside of professional leagues to have four 4-millimeter center hung video displays making them one of the most technologically-advanced arenas in the country. The center scoreboard display was created specifically to dramatically improve image quality providing unparalleled resolution and an even better fan experience. Acoustic Dimensions worked with the client team to prioritize needs and design comprehensive options for the renovation including new digital video board system, ribbon boards, video replay system, control room, parking lot marquee and displays. Once a design was selected AD developed the necessary technical documents for concept to completion.

To view the new board in action, check out this YouTube video.


Circuit of the Americas

Home of the F1 US Grand Prix

Austin, TX, USA

Circuit of the Americas Project Photo

Circuit of the Americas is a 300 acre campus in Austin, Texas with a 3.427-mile (5.515 km) motor racing circuit that hosts the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix(tm). It is the first purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the U.S and has a state-of-the-art 3.4-mile circuit track with capacity for 120,000 fans and an elevation change of 133 feet for any and all classes of racing. ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS provided design and coordination for the performance and communications technology for the track, grandstand, design of the audios systems, leaderboards and displays, public spaces for private events, seminars and conventions, the live entertainment space, retail center and the new 40,000 sq. ft. Conference/Media Center. Circuit of the Americas is currently the only track with all technology on a true converged network.


Dorothy Jemison Day Theatre

Alabama School of Fine Arts

Birmingham, AL, USA

Dorothy Jemison Day Theatre Project Photo

Rated one of the top High Schools in the country, the school constructed a 19,212-SF multi-purpose performing arts facility to support the theatre, dance and music programs. The facility is also available to many of Birmingham's arts groups that do not have a home of their own in which to perform. The facility features a 500-seat theatre with a fully-rigged stage house and state-of-the-art performance systems (lighting, audio and video). While first and foremost a theatre, the design includes some unique elements that accommodate music without any compromise to its support of theatrical productions. This includes an acoustically transparent zone in the wall separating the stage house from the audience chamber above the proscenium. The volume above the ceiling and below the roof can be coupled to the room volume below by a simple mechanism that removes some of the ceiling elements. Adjustable acoustics panels and curtains were also provided to allow easy adjustment of the room's liveliness in order to accommodate the broad range of programming and performance genres anticipated.


Eastside Christian Church

Anaheim, CA, USA

Eastside Christian Church Project Photo

Eastside Christian Church purchased an industrial building and renovated the spaces into a 1,765 seat worship center. The goal for the project was to develop a comfortable space with a high degree of connection leveraging technology to support the room's ability to create community. Known for relational teaching and a broad range of video and music style, a great deal of flexibility has been built into the space to accommodate the growing ministry. There is no denying the impact of the large video screen upon entering the main room at Eastside Christian Church. The Meyer sound system provides for a concert quality audio experience and is augmented by as electronic variable acoustics system. The lighting system combines conventional, LED and automated lighting instruments to provide a truly creative worship experience.


Elgar Concert Hall at Bramall Music Building

University of Birmingham

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Elgar Concert Hall at Bramall Music Building Project Photo

Bramall Music Building houses a 450-seat auditorium, a domed rehearsal room, music studios, offices and teaching rooms to support the University's strong music program. The new building completes a crescent of buildings funded by philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie--but money ran out before the final building was built. Now, over 100 years later, the final building in the redbrick crescent takes its home. Acoustically our challenge was to address the wide diversity of music education and performance in the Music School. For example, students in the the Electronic Music department create spatial effects using a 96-channel sound system; the Centre of Early Music Performance Research may have a performance with a single lute or a small baroque orchestra; the University Orchestra performs with up to 80 musicians. And once or twice a year, the full orchestra and 200 chorus need to use the room to practice for performances at Symphony Hall. The room has a number of special acoustical features (currently unique to this design) to accommodate this large range of uses.



Deep Space

Verona, WI, USA

Epic Project Photo

Epic recently built an auditorium for annual user group meetings and monthly staff meetings. Named DEEP SPACE, the 11,400 seat fan-shape structure is designed to provide an engaging experience for the audience. ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS worked with the Epic and Cuningham Group Architecture design teams to ensure that the space offered flexible presentation, audio/visual/lighting systems and an acoustical environment that supports effective communication to the audience. The centerpiece of the auditorium are the three LED Screens (Center: 68' x 40'; Sides 42' x 23') that allow audience members to stay engaged with the presenter and content. All of the AVL systems are integrated into Epic's IT network for control and monitoring.

In keeping with Epic's commitment to the environment, the building is predominantly built underground, taking advantage of a green roof and minimizing the impact on the surrounding landscape.


First Baptist Church of Dallas

Dallas, TX, USA

First Baptist Church of Dallas Project Photo

With a campus in the heart of downtown spanning six city blocks, First Baptist Church is one of the largest property owners in downtown Dallas. Because buildings were built for different needs over time, when the church leadership looked at the campus as the whole they began to see a hodge-podge of aging, closed, inaccessible buildings constructed over more than a century. The heart was to have facilities that were transparent, open and welcoming, but that couldn't happen without a complete re-imagining. The 3,000 seat sanctuary was designed to be able to visually transform during a service. The biggest technology element is the screen that sweeps across the front of the room. The main visual image in the space is a 130 foot by 12.5 foot screen with seven HD projectors edge blended to create the continuous image. In the initial design concept by The Beck Group, the wall was an The ceiling is white but the cove lighting around the room is colored LED-which allows the room to transition from joyful to reflective in a matter of moments.


Minnesota Multipurpose Stadium

Minnesota Vikings Stadium

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Minnesota Multipurpose Stadium Project Photo

The new multi-purpose stadium being built for Minnesota sports fans will be one the largest stadiums in the world and boast the biggest transparent roof ever constructed. The stadium is approximately 1.75 million square with 65,400 seats, expandable to 72,000 for a Super Bowl. The facility includes up to 116 suites and 8,000 club seats with some at field level - closer than any other NFL stadium. ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS is working with HKS, Mortenson Construction and the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority designing the highest level technology and broadcast infrastructure to ensure a unique fan experience. Two of the largest and highest-quality HD video boards in the NFL will be located in both the east and west end zones, and over 800 HD flat screen televisions will be distributed throughout the stadium. The venue will also offer team-related exhibitions and sales, including an NFL team museum, a Hall of Fame, retail merchandise and gift shop retail venues, and themed concession and restaurants. In addition to NFL football, the stadium is designed with the capability to host more events than any other large stadium including MLS soccer, NCAA basketball and football, high school sporting events, motocross, conventions, and marching band competitions.


New World Center

New World Symphony

Miami Beach, Fl, USA

New World Center Project Photo

The New World Symphony's expanded 100,641 sq. ft. venue blurs the lines between performer and audience. The symphony plays in a room wrapped with a collage of suspended, overlapping projection screen panels that function to enhance orchestral performances with informational video content, provide video scenery, vocal text translations and digital-video compositions or projected "sets" for musical-theatre works. The entire facility is wired with Internet2, which is 100,000 times faster than the broadband in use today and is designed to facilitate broadcasts, Internet transmissions and long-distance learning techniques already utilized by the symphony. This connectivity via I2 allows a violinist to receive training from a master teacher half the globe away. An entire orchestra can receive feedback from a composer-while the composer remains in his studio. AD provided design services for all audio and video systems, which were closely coordinated with the inspirational architecture, theatrical lighting and rigging, stage machinery, and acoustics.


Royal Opera House Muscat

Royal Court of Oman

Medinat, Oman

Royal Opera House Muscat Project Photo

Established by Royal Decree, Royal Opera House Muscat is a beautiful venue dedicated to the diverse artistic and cultural expressions from the Sultanate, the region, and the world. The design for the Opera Hall was a collaboration between the in-house interior designers of the Royal Court of Oman and a UK-based design team-including ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS and architects WATG. Although the building is called an opera house, it actually transforms into a classical concert hall and into a world-class organ recital hall. It reflects the model of the early European concert halls and opera houses. A reverberation chamber is included to support the acoustics for the pipe organ and adjustable acoustic elements are concealed behind elaborately carved screens to transform the acoustics for amplified sound. Opening performances include Placido Domingo and the Mariinsky Ballet with future seasons highlighting Omani art, as well as collaborations between leading Arab, Indian, Asian, African and Western artists.


Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Royal Shakespeare Company

Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom

Royal Shakespeare Theatre Project Photo

ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS is proud to have been part of the Royal Shakespeare Company's transformation of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon. The acoustic success in the space is in creating a natural energy for the unaided voice of the RSC performer. The proximity of the seating to the stage helped to maximize the direct sound, while the ventilation systems are designed to be silent (at the threshold of hearing) so that performers can make use of the full dynamic range of sound. However, there remained acoustic challenges. The technical gallery above stage ruled out a sound-reflective ceiling, and retaining the proscenium opening of the old theatre ruled out a sound-reflective upstage wall. Faced with these constraints, we used extensive computer modeling to make the best use of surfaces designing to reflect sound to the audience located behind the performer.


Salt River Fields at Talking Stick

Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies - MLB

Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick Project Photo

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick is the new spring training home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies. The new baseball training facility, the first of its kind to be built on Indian land in the nation, has an 11,000-capacity ballpark, 12 practice baseball fields, office buildings that include Major and Minor League clubhouses, training facilities, offices for each team, three party decks, and a kid's whiffle ball field. ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS provided technology design services throughout the complex, including the main stadium sound system, scoreboard + control room, ancillary scoreboards at the practice fields, batting cage sound system, clubhouse sound/paging system, Colorado Rockies clubhouse message board system, Video Coaching system + control room and all conference room, meeting room, classroom, dining area, theater, weight room, training room, multi-purpose room, etc. audio/visual requirements.


Sesame Workshop

New York, NY, USA

Sesame Workshop Project Photo

Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street. The organization has a mission to use the educational power of media to help children worldwide reach their highest potential. New production facilities were part of multi-floor renovation in existing New York City facility. AD scope of work addressed special acoustic environments for small insert stage, audio and video control room and voice booth. Specific challenges included limited headroom and accommodating budget limitations. AD also advised on the acoustic environment within office interiors including conference rooms, enclosed offices and open work areas and employee amenity areas.


Sporting Park

Sporting KC - MLS

Kansas City, KS, USA

Sporting Park Project Photo

Sporting Park is the home stadium for Major League Soccer's Sporting KC. The largest field in MLS, this soccer-specific stadium is considered one of the most technologically advanced soccer stadiums in the world with a capacity of 18,467 for soccer and 25,000 for concerts. The asymmetrical swirl-shaped roof provided an interesting challenge to integrating the tech systems. The stadium's systems were extensively modeled in 3D to test the design and almost every component was adjusted to support the esthetic look of the stadium. The HD video board was the largest in Major League Soccer at the time of opening and there are 36 suites and 5 clubs. The stadium has adopted the communal premium-dining concept prevalent in Europe. About 30 suite holders on two levels have the opportunity to eat and drink in a group space outside the skyboxes on the top floor. A year-round sports bar is designed as the place in Kansas City to watch soccer matches around the globe.


Watermark Community Church

Dallas, TX, USA

Watermark Community Church Project Photo

The design of the 3,500-seat worship center was driven in large part by the success of the interim worship facility. While it was always intended that the interim space would be dismantled and equipment reused, there was significant reuse of design elements so that the new facility would function in the same manner but with the addition of 1,000 seats. The rake of the upper balcony is designed not only for sightlines to the stage but also to provide views to other worshippers in the auditorium. The catslides flanking the auditorium add to the sense of a connected experience. Great care was taken with the seating layout to ensure excellent sightlines. The auditorium also occupies a fairly tight footprint because of the layout. The seats are different colors to make the room scalable. When used for smaller events, the upper balconies feel occupied because of the color variance. It also made it easier to relocate the seats from the interim sanctuary to the permanent one. Five-hundred sheets of birch and OSB plywood were suspended from the ceiling for acoustics and aesthetics. They are topped with absorptive material to provide additional acoustic control. The stage area is designed to support full production with a green room and set shop on the first floor; the second floor contains a studio and audio/video production suite and the third floor provides storage and access to catwalks.


Weir SPM

Fort Worth, TX, USA

Weir SPM Project Photo

Weir SPM is a market leader in well service pumps and high pressure flow control equipment. The company has built a new corporate headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to housing the primary data center for their global network of over 40 offices, the 61,739 square foot, 3 floors building includes offices for executives, sales, finance, IT, and HR. The location of the project is near an air base which made environmental noise control and sound isolation a high priority. In addition to audio, video, data and security scope, AD worked with Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford to provide in-place performance testing to aid in optimizing acoustic performance of the exterior building envelope.


Yost Arena

Univeristy of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Yost Arena Project Photo

The renovation of Yost Ice Arena at the University of Michigan was designed to replace the majority of spectator seating and improve the east and west concourses. Luxury boxes were added along with a new level of seating on the arena's west side created for media. New corner platforms were also added for more seating. Even the historic windows were replaced to give the venue back some of the old luster. ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS provided design of the upgrades to the audio systems and the broadcast cabling infrastructure.