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Stroh Center

Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, OH, USA

Stroh Center Project Photo

The Stroh Center at Bowling Green State University hosts their NCAA Division 1 Men's & Women's NCAA Basketball and Women's Volleyball programs, concerts, graduation and other events that celebrate connection. We collaborated with Rossetti on technology for the main arena, practice court, team store, the BGSU Hall of Fame, ticket office, athletic offices, conference and video rooms and sports medicine areas. The systems are designed to enhance the shared experience of the events: visually, aurally and functionally. The primary systems consist of an overhead distributed speaker design, a 20' x 11' 10mm Video Display, a 30' wide 10mm scorer's table LED display, a 50' wide 10mm writing press LED display, and a 30' wide 10mm ribbon board for the main arena.