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Watermark Community Church

Dallas, TX, USA

Watermark Community Church Project Photo

The design of the 3,500-seat worship center was driven in large part by the success of the interim worship facility. While it was always intended that the interim space would be dismantled and equipment reused, there was significant reuse of design elements so that the new facility would function in the same manner but with the addition of 1,000 seats. The rake of the upper balcony is designed not only for sightlines to the stage but also to provide views to other worshippers in the auditorium. The catslides flanking the auditorium add to the sense of a connected experience. Great care was taken with the seating layout to ensure excellent sightlines. The auditorium also occupies a fairly tight footprint because of the layout. The seats are different colors to make the room scalable. When used for smaller events, the upper balconies feel occupied because of the color variance. It also made it easier to relocate the seats from the interim sanctuary to the permanent one. Five-hundred sheets of birch and OSB plywood were suspended from the ceiling for acoustics and aesthetics. They are topped with absorptive material to provide additional acoustic control. The stage area is designed to support full production with a green room and set shop on the first floor; the second floor contains a studio and audio/video production suite and the third floor provides storage and access to catwalks.