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New world center

The New World Center is designed to technologically and architecturally support a new way of thinking about symphonic music. Visionary artistic director, Michael Tilson Thomas, conceived the idea of a laboratory for the way music is taught, performed and experienced. The New World Center embodies this vision, breaking boundaries and creating new levels of accessibility to symphonic music.  

Everything about the building bends the rules. From the video art and live concerts projected in high definition onto the large exterior wall to the systems designed to support real-time collaborations between musicians in Miami Beach and anyplace else in the world, New World Center is the first concert hall to think as the digital world thinks—without regard to boundaries and geography.

Sample ImageNew World Center utilizes Internet2—an advanced networking consortium led by the research and education community—to access a high-bandwidth, low-latency internet connection that is not possible over the current business-grade Internet.

This technology allows the New World Symphony to perform with orchestras in other cities, connect students with master-teachers and provide for interaction with composers in other countries.

Outside of the building is a new 2.5-acre public park designed by West 8. A half acre creates the SoundScape area--which allows outside visitors to experience live, free “wallcasts” of select events throughout the season.  

To read more on the technical aspects of the project, follow this link to ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS technical piece on the project.