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The Crossing

ACOUSTIC DIMENSIONS worked with The Crossing Church of Chesterfield, MO to rapid prototype the design for their new auditorium. The key to the condensed timeframe requires all of the key decision makers along with the architect to be present. High level needs  such as space goals, culture, budget, etc. are coordinated at the outset, then the design to meet those needs begins right away. 

To move this quickly requires a client that is willing to be present all at once for an extended amount of time to make decisions.

The benefit is that as the design team comes up with concepts, the client is able to react in real time and different portions of the project can run parallel. It allows various approaches to be tested and either discarded or approved rapidly with very little waste. 

Sample ImageOften, time is lost for review of previous meetings, in travel, writing reports, managing group dynamics as decisions are second-guessed because some were not present... There is power in having the capacity to host the design team in one location with powerful coordinated technologies to capture high-design effeciencies and 3-D collaboration. 

The church left after three days of meetings with the photorealistic renderings shown which allowed them to immediately communicate design concepts to their congregation and begin their fund-raising phase.

Acoustic Dimensions' s rapid prototyping process is high-energy and creates a lot of synergy and ownership between those who participate. While it may not be for all clients, for many, it is exactly what they've been waiting for to go beyond where they've been.